Your Goals Don’t Care How You Feel…..

Let’s Talk About Goals

Hello! Hello! It’s Tommie Nichole! I know today is a makeup day, but I’m traveling so I’m out of my routine and I just have this in my heart to talk to you guys about your goals and what you’re doing and what we’re not doing and what we’re wanting to happen. So, life happens all the time. Sickness, kid sickness, traveling, work, house chores, ballgames, family, friends, whatever.

But the thing is, it is the moment that you set goals to make something happen and make something change. All that happens to try to stop you and what we do in today’s society is we’ve cave to that because society has trained us that’s okay. It has trained us that we aren’t capable of doing those things. So, we aren’t capable of doing those things so we let those excuses overwhelm us and consume us and to keep us from pushing forward.

My November Plan

So, I had planned in November to set this journey and I’m on it but I have not shared like I wanted to for lots of reasons and I use those excuses. So here’s my plan. You guys when you have a goal, whether it’s losing weight, cleaning out your house, or potty training your kids or starting a new business. Whatever it is you know we get this great gumption. We write out these ideas but the moment we dive into the work, and we see that the work it’s gonna take and how hard it is, we cave. But, when we go to bed dreaming and thinking about how we want that vision and how much we want out of this life.

I’m here and here’s the deal, everything that I have been planning to do is on repeat. So, every day I don’t care how you feel, I don’t care if I have a sore throat. I don’t care if I have a coughing sick pukey baby. Every day my goal and my mission are to do what I have planned and hit repeat every day.

Until you take those steps and you make those things happen, it is not gonna change. So are you ready? I am! Okay, let’s do it!

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