Why You Should Love Apple Cider Vinegar

I love me some apple cider vinegar (ACV)! I first came across it when I found the TIU beauties!!!

I have began to include it into my daily ritual and when I do get around to cooking I have be adding it to my meals.


ACV has been a big winner as a nutrition superstar in the health community for decades now – and it’s still as buzzy as ever! Today, I’m sharing just what I have learned over the last year with this must have pantry staple!


But first… what is it, anyway?!
ACV is made from fermented apples to first form an “apple wine”… so automatically, you know we love it 😉 The next step of the process involves adding good bacteria to convert the alcohol to acetic acid (aka the main compound in vinegar). We use organic, unfiltered ACV that still contains the good-for-your-bod bacteria.

So, what does it do for me?
Boosts weight loss

Just 30mL (about 1 oz.) of apple cider vinegar a day can decrease belly fat and aid in slimming, finds a recent study. Time to pour up some (Meta D) shots right… NOW! 😉

Protects you from food poisoning

A study shows that adding ACV with a pinch of salt to your lunch can kill off E. coli, a dangerous bacteria that causes tummy troubles. Waiter, some apple cider vinegar, please?

Keeps your ticker in check

According to research, daily intakes of ACV can actually lower your triglycerides and cholesterol levels, which is associated with better heart health. The acetic acid in vinegar has also been found to reduce blood pressure. All good news for keepin’ your heart happy!


How do you use it?

I love adding 1 Tbsp. ACV and 2 tsp. olive oil to our salads for a boost of flavor. The acid in the ACV also helps break down tough fibers in kale, making it easier to chew.

But, if you want to embark on a healthy and stylish weight loss journey with me, please watch this and hope this will help you decide!

Thank you!

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