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Tommie Nichole

My Kryptonite

Good morning! This morning in my devotional talk about my kryptonite.

My devotional talk about how back in the day Christians are more these superhumans. How people in the community went without anything. When anything was new, people flock to Jesus. They worship him, spread his words across the nations in real fast manner. Today, you look at our society and we are so full of hate, and anger.  There’s a kryptonite that affecting every one of us with the rise of divorce, pornography, and I could just go on and on.

What Is Your Kryptonite?

So, where I am going with this? We all have something that we can use, just like Superman. Kryptonite is something we cant completely eliminate in an instant and we all have it. I mean its a multitude of things and it drags us down and could possibly make us full of hate, bitterness, and anger. It keeps dividing people and many nations.

I really have a big story to share and I truly believe that it can change people and their lives. Look, not just on me but to look at life in general. You have to understand that you need to pinpoint what it is dragging you down. You should work on and invest in whatever your dreaming and want and hoping for. In addition, you have to really believe that God has a vision for you.

You need to share it and talk about it and get it out there. Start head on and start asking (whatever your faith is) Jesus does for you, watch that way and reveal it and walk through it. In this way, you can become this person He wants you to be. I’ll be praying for each and everyone around here and I actually shout out that I’m making progress. Please share and I’ll talk to you soon.


Tommie Nichole

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