Small Changes For A Better You.

Small Changes For A Better YOU










Let’s talk small changes in relationships because a lot of people are having issues with it. I want to impart my personal experience and how small changes helped my marriage. I tell you, it is not a perfect one. If we put common sense to it, it’s a no-brainer.

My Personal Relationship Journey

In 2003, I started dating a guy. 7-8 years later, we were still dating and we were engaged to get married. Thankfully, it all came to an abrupt end, Why? He was cheating. Later on, I decided to move back home devastated and desperate. I began to heal and started to realize that he wasn’t good for me. He was a cheater, a womanizer, egotistical and his job proclaimed that even more.

I shared it with you because I want to illustrate that when you are stuck there, it is difficult to visualize the entire picture.  It’s hard to see what going on, what we are doing wrong, yes us, and how we can take steps to fix it! For me, 2016 and part of 2017 were very challenging. With a realization, actions and small changes in terms of how I see life and events, things got better. With that, I did away wit hatred, depression, and anxiety.

Small Changes in Mindset Did the Trick

Anyways, it is hard for you to cure yourself if you don’t open your mind to reality. Moreover, it would be a challenge to see some positivity to things and people around you if you keep the anger in your heart. You would think that it is always greener on the other side. Well, I tell you, it is NOT!

Like me, I learned to make small changes and take care of myself and the relationship I have. Usually, we reach out to people for answers and solutions to our problems. Sadly, you might the get the best solutions because people may just tell us things to flatter us and make us feel better.

Primarily, the best place to find the best answers is God and the Bible. Second, a neutral person who won’t take sides but see both sides of the situation.

Here is a little more on how I managed to turn my marriage around and hope you can find some nuggets to try. Please watch the Small Changes for A World of Difference video to learn more:

Small Changes For A 🌎 Of Difference!

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