Rituals For Success

My Rituals Towards Success

Hello guys! Today, I would like to discuss about rituals for success. This is not limited to business and wealth. Let us do it in a holistic approach.

I’ve been hardcore cleaning out my car, my grandma’s and then I just let my son make a mud pit in the front yard. It is not very good and here he comes and he’s naked. Let’s break this down! Rituals for success. I find great passion and empowering women to step out and just be confident and feel beautiful and chase their purpose and passion.

Life May Go Unplanned

Sometimes, life doesn’t go the way we planned it. I am completely out of my element. I am four hours away from home. At this moment, I am at my grandmother and my father. My father lives with my grandmother because she is 91 and my dad went through a pretty nasty divorce. Then, he told her that he’d be with her until she couldn’t. The idea, anyway, this place gives me high anxiety.

Just lots of reasons but I am out of my element and my rituals and what I do to keep myself flowing and when I say success. I don’t mean success is just in business. I mean in life. Anything you choose to do. Whether it’s a being a successful mother and accomplishing those tasks as a mom. Whether it’s a work in the corporate filled mom. In addition, you come home these when I say rituals I mean routines.

Routines and Rituals

Anything that just keeps you in your groove. Now, for me, with my personality and how I work when I get bumped out of those routines and rituals. Whoa, yes! Yesterday was a perfect example I think I only cried about five times. Yes, it just makes t hard and then when you’re thrown out, you can’t keep that normal rhythm. Feel like everything’s off and you feel like you just can’t get back on track.

So, last night when I got home back to my grandma’s house I just sit in a quiet corner by myself. I said a little prayer and God kind of gave me a guide balm. Since I had been here since Sunday. He opened my eyes that I had already been prepping myself for failure to be here for failure, for negativity for everything that Satan could possibly have his hand on.

How You Set Your Life to Fail

He did here and the reason this happened because I already started speaking over this whole entire trip. I have many questions and these include: How much am I dreaded? How much didn’t I want to be here? Also, how much didn’t I want to be here for a full week? How much I wanna be there for my husband?

In fact, when you have those kinds of things, you automatically set up for failure. Please watch my Rituals for Success video if you want to know more and see how you could relate:



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