MONAT Hydration System

MONAT Hydration System

MONAT Hydration System Goodness

Everyone, I want to tell you a good news from the MONAT Hydration System! Yes, my blogging has been so sparse… but it feels nice. Between pregnancy, building a home, business, and yada, yada, and yada time just disappears! Since being on this journey, I have fallen in love with the MONAT products and what they have done for my hair. So I love to share how to use them and what they are doing for others!!   So keep on reading to hear more!


MONAT Hydration System


What Is MONAT Hydration System?

So let’s chat about the Hydration Treatment System from Monat since it is still Summer here and I want my hair to feel like it’s not having a heat stroke. First and foremost I love that the box shares that they are a cruelty-free product and say no to toxic ingredients. Huge brownie points already for me.

Let me dream as I write this out….ok? OK!!!

I played my relaxation playlist, turned on a steamy shower, and poured a glass of wine.


I actually had to lock my son out of the bathroom while my husband was on a conference call and hurry up to take a quick shower with whatever time I had. Let me clarify you must rinse TWICE with the shampoo. I think people often forget this.. so I made sure I got a good lather the second time around.

MONAT Hydration System


MONAT Hydration System Is Convenient to Use

Next, I used the masque conditioner while I was shaving my legs + washing my face. I was trying to leave it on for 10+ minutes.. but my crazy son wasn’t having it. I think I got about 6 or 7 minutes but it got the job done!

My hair did feel a little dry after the conditioner, not gonna lie about that. But once I was out of the shower and used the Restore Leave-In Conditioner, my hair felt much better! I let it air dry per usual and my hair was incredibly smooth + soft!

MONAT Hydration System


Join Our Tribe!

No tangles, no dry spots, no oily spots. Just silky smooth hair. I was very impressed with this product line!!

I know you will be too!!

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