Mommas Breaking The Rules

We Are Mommas Who Break The Rules

Those of us mommas who are called to do big things in the world are going to have to break the rules. You are designed to break the rules. We are designed to go with the flow. You are designed to deviate and come apart from that which is the norm. And the world needs you to do so.

As I sit here and wonder how I can make an impact and reach those of you who are just like me, let me clarify:

We love being a mom, but we know we were called for something more, a bigger purpose, something that we can use to make a difference in this world and other’s lives. Something that will change the dynamics of our families future and how we live out the rest of our lives. We want to be a part of something, something that is so much bigger than us and a community that is all about family, friends and changing the world, one person at a time. 


Now, here’s the thing. When I tell most of you how I am breaking the rules you will,  X of this and move on and that’s OK because that just means your not ready, YET! 😉 Some of you will read to the end and then X out of it and move on, but keep them a thought in the back of your head because your not quite ready yet, either ;). A handful of you and maybe not even that will message me or get on the phone with me to chat some more.

Breaking the Rules for the First Time

When I first broke the rules, I got myself in a lot of trouble, at first. But I learned quickly! Did you know in most cases, it just takes one setback, one stumble, one slap on the wrist for thinking big that makes people start thinking small again. Then all of a sudden, they start hearing questions in their heads, putting them back in the box of the norm. They hear over and over and over in their head, Who are you? What makes you think you can do this? What makes me think I can’t do this?

So onto breaking the rules, I did the unimaginable, I took that leap with – shampoo – of all things, something I knew nothing about and thought I didn’t even care about. This so-called shampoo has changed my life in just a matter of months and I am on fire to share just how with mommas just like me. In 2016, I was at the lowest, darkest place I have ever been in my entire life and was asking myself  “how did I get here and how do I fix this?”

Inspiring Mommas with My Own Story

Here I am in May of 2018, expecting baby #2, building our home and my husband just left his job. I don’t tell you this to brag and to be quite honest, I still don’t believe I have a brag-worthy life!

You can hear a little more of my story here.

Ladies, I am here to tell you the business world is a battlefield, and you are going to have to fight for everything you want to achieve. If you think you’re going to get anything in this life that’s valuable or think that it is just going to be handed to you, that’s a delusion. In the mornings, I pray for God to give me courage each day to break the rules and fight hard on that battlefield. And I want you to know that this too is possible for you if you have the drive and determination, together we can make it happen for you, too! Because I bring the how to if you bring the drive.

Beautiful Things Happen with God

When you do this, when you start and end each day and each battle with God, then a beautiful thing happens. When you do that with all the courage God gives you, you encourage someone else. This is a foundational part of my job: to use the courage God gives me to encourage others. So let me ask you this: What am I doing for you today? Do I give you courage? Courage to pray? Courage to start asking God for your own life? Do I give you courage and fire and even maybe curiosity to start praying about things you never prayed about before? Or to start pursuing things you never pursued before?

One of the biggest problems that I am working to solve, is to start helping momma’s turn their lives around and chase down everything they want out of life. I want to invite you to come hear just how I have been able to turn my life around and now paying it forward.

Meet MONAT –  Tulsa, Oklahoma

You will hear top-ranking, local Market Partners to share their successful journey, the inspiration behind our brand and the amazing benefits of our products.

Would LOVE to have you JOIN us for a glass of wine and a fun and informative evening. You will go home with samples to fall in love with. Plus you will be receiving a very special offer from April Price, but they have to be present to take advantage of it! And a special gift from me.

Be sure to RSVP via the link below so we know how many to expect and let me know you did here:


Thursday, May 3
Meet MONAT with SW Regional Sales Director, April Price

Glenpool Conference Center
12205 S Yukon Avenue
Glenpool, OK 74033

• 6:30-7:00 p.m. Mix & Mingle
• 7:00-8:00 p.m. Meet MONAT

MONAT Roadshow –   Dallas, Texas & Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Each evening includes a “Meet MONAT” introduction to the company followed by a product experience featuring in-depth knowledge, beauty tips, and how-tos, along with news and updates on all the happenings at MONAT. In fact, eight of our events will feature Beauty Insider Live with Laura Dale, Director of Product Education! From the newest enrollee to seasoned veterans and anyone curious about MONAT, these events are for everyone!

See how MONAT is changing lives, coast to coast.

5:30 p.m.: Mix and Mingle
6:00 p.m.: Meet MONAT
6:30 – 9:00 p.m.: Product knowledge, beauty how-tos, and MONAT happenings


Registration closes the night before the event, however, space is limited, so do not wait!

Be sure to RSVP via the link below so we know how many to expect and let me know you did here:


         Wednesday, June 13

          MONAT Roadshow

          DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dallas Near the Galleria
4099 Valley View Lane
Farmers Branch, TX 75244

          5:30 PM to 9:00 PM (CDT)


Let me know here you registered!



         Tuesday, June 26

          MONAT Roadshow

          Renaissance Oklahoma City Convention Center Hotel
10 North Broadway Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

          5:30 PM to 9:00 PM (CDT)


Let me know here you registered!

 When you invite God into your business dream, He will teach you how to break every rule. And if you will start breaking the rules, the universe will make room for you.  You’ve got to be the anomaly that this world didn’t plan for. You’ve got to be the anomaly, the unicorn, the one who’s out there breaking the boxes that the Earth did not plan for but God absolutely designed you for.

If I can give you any advice, it is this. I pray that you will throw off all the systems and strategies of men and women of the world, and just allow God to be your main business partner.

Encouraging Mommas

I also want to give you a final word of encouragement. Run this race like you absolutely intend to win. Like I said, my best business advice for you is to stop giving a damn what people think and live your life like you mean it. Care about what God thinks. Care about what He thinks. Love your fellow man. Make a difference. And when people start to look at you like you are wild and crazy or someone gets to you for breaking the rules, then that is confirmation that you are on the right track.

In the end, Remember, if you feel called to do big things in the world, then you are going to have to muster up some courage and break the rules.



Tommie Nichole

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