Momma Does Makeup: It’s Easy

Simple and Painless Momma Makeup

Hi! okay real quick we’re gonna make this fast easy simple and painless makeup video. I got my glasses on to make me feel smart today. Uhm, so as you guys know if you’ve been following my journey you know that I am absolutely passionate about my health. Even saying that I’ve gained 20 pounds in the last four months. This blows my mind I must carry my weight really well that’s a whole another story.

My Burning Desire For Makeup

But, in the midst, I’ve always had this burning desire to learn more and more about makeup and fashion. I want to learn how to just really take my confidence to another level. I’ve been a tomboy for years for as far I can remember. I can remember throwing cow patties as a kid. I myself knew nothing about fashion and I live in yoga pants and workout clothes for 90% of the time. So, where I’m going with this is I have dove in since December I joined up trying different before December.

What Makeup Line Fits you?

I tried different makeup lines just to find what fit me and my skin because I have sensitive skin. By the way, December I found a company that I just fell in love with. So, I started out in December trial and error in it just to see if it really did work for me and it is stuck with me. If it’s something that I can really get in tune with it is easy no was it challenging absolutely did I tell myself every day that I wasn’t possible

I was I kidding who was gonna want to listen to me and I’m here I’ve been learning. I’ve been just diving into it and you guys I get questions every day even though I’m new at this and learning. I get the question every day about how do we do this. I didn’t know that how can I make this better and how can I boost myself here. I’ve created makeup your way mom or not a little five-day challenge that kicks off Monday, October 16th.

A Makeup Event!

It’s free right now because I just really want to pour into women and moms. Those of us who just really want to take our confidence of the next level. Just make us feel good just exude confidence and radiance and just feel good about when we go to apply lipstick. We go to apply these eyebrows that I’ve learned how to do if you see my previous photo. I’m gonna share with you guys when it first tried to do my eyebrows, you’re gonna laugh.

I promise cuz I do I still do and even just I think last week. I try blue eyeshadow which was you know the Pinterest fails. It was awful but hey if you got if you can’t laugh at yourself what’s the point I mean you really have to just put yourself out there sometimes. I don’t mean social media because that’s not for everybody that’s what I’m here for to give you guys a good laugh so it.

Join Me!

It’s something you find even you have the slightest bit interest, click that link and join me it’s free. There’s no pressure it’s just me sharing the tips and giving you laughs. Having a good time doing giveaways and just helping us moms feel better and gain that confidence and to learn that just because we’re moms and we’re busy moms and were fulltime working moms or you’re staying at home moms

You don’t have to lack you’re confident you don’t have to lack that feel-good you have every right to deserve it and you should and you need to so click the link below join me it’s five days that’s it small amount of time no commitment that’s it guys so have a great day and I hope to see y’all soon.

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