Life Too Short to be Stressed

Tommie Nichole

Are you stressed?

Hi everybody! It’s gonna be real quick because it’s Friday night. I’ve spent time with the family but little man’s in the bathtub. I just want to touch on life’s too short to be stressed. Stress has consumed me for a very long time. There are things that I couldn’t control.

It just makes me be in a more depressed anxiety-filled state and I wouldn’t enjoy the day. Before, I would just sulk inside my house without going anywhere. Sometimes, without even showering and it really it just took me. Sorry! So, it really took me opening my eyes and understanding that I am the only person that can change.

We Only Live Once!

I’m the only person that is gonna be able to drag myself out of this place of feeling so stressed. There were times that, I felt so overwhelmed day in day out.  Not to mention you guys we live one life and if we live that entire life focusing on the things that we can’t control. It’s just gonna sink you and shrink you and defeat you more and more.

Honestly, if that’s what Satan wants he wants you to feel defeated. If you feel defeated you’re not gonna live out the cullings sorry. I keep you disconnected and that’s where he wants us so no matter what it is you’re facing today. If it’s financing, it’s weight if its health if its family if its job if it’s your children I’m dealing with a sick child I start.

God Guides Us and Gives Us Peace

I have a terrible signal on here. We don’t even know what it is but he is super fussy throw in fits and you know I can’t control it.  So, all I can do is just ask God to guide me and give me peace and wisdom and favor. I have to be patient through this time on the other side of that. We just decided to launch and scale our real estate business. There’s a lot that comes into that when you’re trying to build a team. Lots of the unknown ‘coz you’re putting a lot of money in places that are unfamiliar. I am not comfortable with so there’s a stress there too but you know what I can’t control the outcome.

My Faith

I can just control how I feel and the faith I put behind it. So, I challenge you today, no matter what it is you’re facing give it to God. If you cannot control it, then let go and let God. Just say a small prayer to God and just even sometimes say, Jesus. I used to complicate things too much like I would always think. I’m not saying the right prayer am I praying right I’m not spending enough time with God.

God Gives Us Hope

But, sometimes, all he wants you to know is to hear you call his name Jesus. Stress is always gonna be where we live in a fallen world, a broken world and Satan is peeking around every corner to grab a hold to somebody. So pray, say Jesus and let go and let God that’s what I got for you guys so I hope you have a fabulous Friday night and I’ll talk to you soon.



Tommie Nichole

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