Healthy Recipes I Am Trying

Interesting Healthy Recipes

Hey! Good morning! I hope you guys are staying warm because it is stinking chilly in OKC. But today, I wanna talk about the healthy recipes I am trying. I heard from a lot of people that they cant find really healthy food that tastes good.

I kinda sit down on this experiment and as much as I hate to cook and it takes awhile. About six months ago,  found these muffins that I just fell in love with. But it took me 6 tries to get it right. Now, when our bananas get bad or I don’t like them, I just freeze them or work on these muffins.

My husband and son absolutely love them, truly devour them. My son eats them in two days and I am okay with it. These muffins are not loaded with ingredients that are unhealthy and bad for him. This recipe won’t give you problem in terms of health and weight.


My Favorite Healthy Ingredients

Let me show you my favorite ingredients that I love using now. Coconut flour, which is available in the refrigerated section of any food store. My muffins only need half a cup of it. Then, here is my pink Himalayan salt and I use it for everything. I got my coconut oil from Amazon and I use it for everything, my food, my face and my legs. Also, I make scrubs from it.

Right now, I am loving a new cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld. Interestingly, it has both clean food and indulgent food. I love that because we need to have a balance in our lives. There are few other healthy recipes that I am testing out, unfortunately, I can’t share them yet because I need to know them first.

There’s always an avenue to have a healthy food. when you are eating clean, you look better and younger. Also, you get satisfied quicker.

If you have some questions or wanted to know more about the recipe, please visit me on Facebook or IG.

***You have the option to add choco chips or walnuts. Than you fabulous!




Tommie Nichole

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