A GEM In A Bottle: Rejuvenique Oil

The Rejuvenique Oil

In just a few months, I’ll be adding yet another year onto my life. Although I say age is more than a number, things change and shift as we do age. Though this little gem was made for hair, I have added it my nightly regimen. And O’ the difference it has made for my skin! I can’t help but share with you!

Corium 21 has been a game changer for my skin in general. I was battling the worst dry scaly skin, this stuff cleared it up within two days. Not to mentions the condition of my so-called “aging skin” is so much better and hydrated.

My Nightly Regiman

The Rejuveniqe Oil and Me

As for the Rejuveniqe Oil, holy stars… let me first say the multiple uses won me over. It can be a bit pricey but when it taking care of more than my hair. It’s a win. I have been adding it to my moisturizer at night and the sun spots on my forehead have faded tremendously! And the smell is fabulous!!

Sun spots before and after. Disclaimer- Just brows and mascara in after.


MONAT’s field researchers scoured the world seeking to find the most exquisite oils that would balance, rejuvenate, and benefit the hair and skin.

It is honestly summer in a bottle. It’s warm and inviting but not heady. I can tell that this will be my go-to from now on… this has done some wonders for my skin. Get more details here.

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