Do You Bleed In Or Make Your Mark

do you bleed in

Do You Bleed In?

Hello, everybody! Tommie Nichole here! Today, you get the real, raw momma! Yesterday, we talked about eyebrows and stepping out of that box. But today, I wanna talk to you about, “Do you bleed in or make your mark?” It’s kinda the purpose of being raw.

I want to share with you guys. When I initially started my business, I made the mistake of looking at all these successful people and look at everything they did and try to mimic them. I tried to make my office like this fancy, flashy stuff. Plus, I tried to make sure I was at the right place to make sure I have the perfect face on. You know when I tried to pretend, not exactly pretend to be, but to pretend that you have it all together.

I have this big scheme of things I learn a lot quickly that it’s hard to keep it up and I wasn’t true to who I was. So, I wanna share this with you because being authentically you and being in the moment. For example, right now I have my little tripod in her box because we are in the midst of packing and yard-selling stuff.

Our room is a nightmare. I’m not gonna lie. It’s what’s happening. I am a real person, a mom. This is real life, in building a business from scratch. You cannot just do it one day and just build a business and then the next day you’re five or six figure earner or a millionaire. You gonna start from scratch and you have to work consistently every day.

Real Stuff Is Not Easy

People wanna see, I mean you know I really didn’t start connecting with people. I was sharing the true side of me and what I was going through to get there and the steps I took. I thought I have the biggest personalities to be successful, but maybe they wanna see that. But, they can’t relate to that. They just want to see you.

You know what? My days are so tough, I have to divide by time “strategically” to do videos or to make time for work. This is just how I did it and I share that. The more I connected with moms like me, the more I get connected to the people that just like me.

do you bleed in

The Mom Standard

That is the purpose of building The Mom Standard. I want to connect with people, with anybody who I struggling with anything they are going through. For example, a new mom who is trying to figure out when to sleep again, if there is such a thing. I was also comparing myself to other moms, schedule with their children and then home.

We are trying to do things “The Mom Way” and her, my son wakes 3 to 4 times a night. Still, we are in awe and he is 16 months. And you know what? Anything or anyone can give me advice or anyone can tell me what to do. But, I have to be true to me. And I am, that’s when it works best. I just really want to share with you to share with you.

This is aching inside me because all of us go through. This wonderful journey that I want to do things like we have the “white locker test.” The fancy mug on the desk you know all that stuff. But, it does not work like that. Maybe, down the road, but be real.

Share it!

Just share, share the mess and I have learned that sharing those funny moments I call “bloopers.” People could relate to that because it’s fine. In the real world, we need the truth, the happiness, and the humor. More importantly, we need to be raw because the world is full of negative pessimism. Just the anger!

Anyway, that’s it! I hope this helps you and encourages you. I look forward to chatting with you and I would love to hear from you and I’ll be back!

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