Cost of Inaction – How Much It Affected My Life

Tommie Nichole

Cost of Inaction

Happy Monday, Let’s talk about the Cost of Inaction. My post about virtual hug because I’m not even kidding you I have my niece right now until Thursday. She’s 6 months old plus a 2-year-old. Holy stars I’m giving you the true meanings of mom with multiples I’m giving you moms some mad props.

So, I’m 35, I was claiming to be 36 and my husband corrected me, too funny. Are you one of those people who constantly say and think and talk and never does. I was that person I would say “I wanna crush this”, “I’m doing this”,  “its time to jump on this bandwagon”, “its time to build this business”, yada, yada yada…. you get it!


Why I Quit?

I quit even telling people, I quit even talking what I was doing because as for me I was finding myself every moment that I talk about it. I didn’t accomplish on what I say that word I was feeling defeated and feel like a failure. Do have a cost of inaction experience too? Let me ask you. what’s the biggest struggle you managed to overcome?

Can you relate to this? I would love to hear your story. Also, I want to learn more about your journey too. Please share below!






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