I Choose FAITH Over Fear

Tommie Nichole

Morning Motivation: Faith

Good Morning! Real quick! Just finished my work out and today’s little morning motivation is about faith over fear. We all have fears and almost every day we encounter them because we’re living in this often complicated, chaotic world. Many are always looking for the opportunity to put somebody down. So we come to the place with fear. But I  keep you that tiny bit of faith. The bible is the master’s seed and this keeps us have that faith that bad things shall pass and we could be in a better place.

Just the slightest bit of hope knowing that somehow, someway, someday, someplace, this all gonna work for you. It’s never been easy. The waiting game is kinda challenging but you have to talk about it. I can wait and I believe that something good is going to happen when you speak that out loud. Speak it in your head and write it out. It magnifies if you’re speaking about it all your life.

Focus on the positive side of things

I used to be in a dark place in my life where I can’t pay my bills, I gonna lose my job and I can’t find the job.  There was a time when my business is gonna fail. Whatever it may be, I’m not gonna lose this way. I keep my focus on the positive side even if it’s very hard. I know exactly because I was there.

I had somebody tell me that it’s gonna be ridiculous if you are writing it. Try to write 10 things in the morning that you are blessed for. Maybe you’re born with a silver platter or maybe somebody blind. Whatever it is, write those things because when you are consistent it has a domino effect.

Just remember that life is a one challenging journey. I wish you many blessings and opportunity! Thanks again!


Tommie Nichole

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