Will Your Hair Go Through A Transition With….. Monat.

Monat & Your Hair Transitioning Monat transition means that your hair is getting rid of something that doesn’t belong there. Symptoms include tangling, dryness, stickiness, oil production, greasiness, itchy scalp, flaky scalp, red bumps, frizzy hair, and shedding. You may not even realize how much build build-up you have in your hair or on your […]

Charcoal – Ways To Improve Your Skin & Hair


The Charcoal Hype! The hype is real and charcoal has been taking over social media with those infamous peel-off masks. But the benefits of it go far beyond having a good laugh at someone’s failed beauty tutorial or the weird pleasure of watching a successful video of blackheads being peeled-off skin. In fact, this has been used for medicinal purposes […]