5 Ways To Overcome A Toxic Relationship & Take Care Of You In The Process

What Is A Toxic Relationship?

This is most simply described as a harmful connection. However, you are fully aware of its implications. A toxic relationship seems to infiltrate even the most personal aspects of your feelings, thoughts, and soul. Harmful connections can easily compromise your own identity and your ability to see the partnership. In other serious cases, it can put your life in danger.

The most common advice is to remove oneself from this kind of relationship, but for so many reasons, there are people who delay a permanent decision, decide to stay or believe it can turn around. Regardless of your situation, self-care and self-love are keys to reducing the impact of such toxic environment.

Self-care needs to rise equally with the stress levels. Sadly, most people tend to provide lesser attention to their personal needs during stressful times. Essentially our bodies, thoughts, and emotions ask for more while simultaneously given less nurturing. As a result, we feel so empty.

With love, we desire to spend more time with our partner. You have to take some time to assess your situation. You may be sharing the same home, holidays, kids and properties but still, something is lacking. In addition, issues like a stressful job, health concerns, and problematic family life contribute to your burdens. Self-care is very important even if you have a great relationship. Remember, it is very easy to lose sight of how much one manage’s every single day, especially being a first-time mom. In return, we expect more from ourselves.

My Top 5 Tips:

  • Solitude

You have to create your own space to be quiet and separate from the chaos. Also, this space allows you to understand your situation better and begin building a healing environment. Use this quiet space to write your story, discover more about yourself and meditate, talk to God, or just sit in quiet but it’s vital to take some time for you.

  • Begin your day with empowerment.

As you start your day, say a little empowerment prayer. You can ask for a stress-free day and believe it. THE KEY HERE IS TO BELIEVE IT. Give yourself affirmation as you wake up that your happiness does not rely on any other person than yourself. Recite an inspirational quote and work on being more independent. Divert your attention from doing activities that are centered around you and your personal needs. It would be good if you get a massage, have your nails done or have a hair treatment. Perform any activity that empowers you!

  • Sustenance and Rest

One great tip is to put your focus on eating quality food. This is the most nourishing thing you can do for yourself. Stress can affect the nutrient reserves in the body and it can activate various health issues. When we feel so much stress we send ourselves to convenience food and eat anything we see. Dining out can help you, just find the one that serves the best, quality food.

A stressful relationship could disrupt your rest. It is ordinary for you to wake up in the middle of the night with negative thoughts. Find a peaceful environment for rest and do the things that relax you.

  • Practice Self-Care and Get into New Routine

You have to invest both in yourself and your needs. Make YOU the main priority (I know what you’re going today about this and I’ll address that next) and it’s alright to pamper yourself. You can also splurge on one item that makes you happy. Reinventing your looks is another great idea. Just do something that makes you confident and attractive. In this manner, you will learn to appreciate yourself more.

To address the above taking care of you first only set you up to be a better mom, wife, and friend. Think of it like this when we feel tired, unhappy with ourselves, gross, depressed…. Tell me how you do feel? You are cranky, short and just want to be left alone. So making you a priority and taking care of you first changes the game.

  • Become Consistent In Your Movement

In the first stages, you need a distraction. This is a very difficult and challenging part, no question about it… I was right where you are. However, once you develop new habits, let go and focus on you and the new habits you’re creating, things get smoother. New activities that are unrelated with someone in your past, will make the neurons in your brain form new patterns of thought.

You could take a new hobby or join a community that interests you. Find something positive that could fill your schedule and will keep you busy. You can surely rebuild your life around their new activities.

Isn’t It Time You Commit To You & Put Your Focus On The Positive! How to overcome toxicity in your life, change your course, and take care of you!

Hope this video will help!

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