5-Minute Mom Makeup – The Fastest Way to Feel Beautiful

Quick, Simple Mom Makeup

Mom makeup should be simple and elegant. With so many things to do and obligations to fulfill, some moms say they don’t have the luxury to take care of themselves. You don’t need a humungous girlie space or all the beauty products in the entire world to look fabulous. Beautiful mom, I want to share something. Something that will make your makeup problems disappear.

If you wish to save time by eliminating the guesswork out of looking for products that deliver radiant results with the least amount of fuss. Peek inside my beauty kits and I will reveal my favorite picks for moms.

My Perception on Beauty

For me, a big part of beauty is keeping everything simple and being relaxed,” says Wang, who lives in New York City and has an 11-year-old son, Max. “There’s no reason to devote lots of time and energy to complicated beauty routines. Subtly enhancing what you have gets the prettiest, most naturally beautiful results.”

My Favorites

 1. Moisturizing Lip Tint.

I love moisturizing lip tint in a tube that has an SPF of 8. The light crystalline-pink shade gives your lips with just a hint of color for a pretty natural look.

2. Light Lip Gloss

This is another lip product I so love. It adds beautiful shine and polish my lips. Sometimes, I like to wear this gloss over bright orange, red, or pink lipstick to really make the color vibrant.

3. Precious Cream

This makes my skin look smoother. I have normal skin that’s on the dry side, and this gives me a moist texture.”

4. Eye Pencil

I use a nice eye pencil to line the rim of my lower lids. It defines my eyes by adding a little visible yet subtle color.

5. Liquid Blush

Liquid blush usually works for everybody. Usually, it comes in a little bottle with a brush. I take and put a small amount on both cheeks and then blend it quickly with my fingers for an instant glow.

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