35 And Forever Young

Tommie Nichole

My Forever Young Mantra

I’m so excited for myself, for my workout and makeup journey. It makes me feel like I’m 35 and I’m forever young. I’ll talk about it. Let me show you while I am applying this stuff which is like a bubble gum on my lips. Actually, there’s nothing too intense that you can’t handle. I always have my rosewater which is great for redness, hydration and really help your face balance out. Now, I gonna apply my glorious touch primer, it fills in my pores.

Since I don’t go into a hardcore makeup, I use liquid touch primer. I got the look what I want with my BB flawless, my setting spray. Today, we’re gonna focus on eyeshadows. I will do eyeliner and we’re gonna play with it.

The 5-Day Makeup Challenge

I’m doing a 5-day challenge with makeup starting on Monday.  So, if you guys you wanna join, please do comment below. Makeup is a learning task. I’m doing beauty challenge and I would love to have you really love it. I want to hear feedback from women, moms, and whoever is interested. I just want to get insights and then there’s gonna be giveaways. There’s gonna be fun in a private group and not everybody can see. I gonna tackle it a little deeper.

Also, I gonna want to go all the way in, I just start here in the middle. The one good thing that I learn about makeup in general and life, is to embrace who you are and have fun with it. enjoy life and don’t try to be like everybody else. Do you see what I did with my eyebrow?  All that stuff that people see and talk about make you different and special. We, as human are unique, so try too put that self out there. It doesn’t mean that you need to compliment everything from everyone but give them some kudos for trying to be themselves.

Please keep on checking my site for new tricks and tips. I hope you guys have fun.


Tommie Nichole


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