3 Bizarre Things My Hair Did In 1 Week After Using This…….

My Hair Changes

Alright, love! Let’s talk real life… I have never in even considered using an oil on my hair!


Because my hair was so oily, I could slick it back by the end of the day! UGH!!!!!!

But let me switch gears for just a second, I was oil on my skin and face and was using Moroccan Oil because at the time was what worked for me. I had to stop using it though for a big reason, I was getting breakouts even more so than no oil at all. So I went back to my DIY oil regimen until very recently. Like two months recent!!!

My Hair Before This

So before I gave this jewel ago, my hair would be so oily, well you know like I said above. And it was just plain GROSS!!! I was so nervous to even try this oil on my hair, I mean come on… my hair produced enough on its own! But let me tell you how thankful I am that I did!! HOLY STARS, Batman!!

Not only is my oily hair no longer an issue but my face is feeling fabulous!! And can we just talk about the smell… LEMON!!!! My hair is so balanced and it is totally normal for me to go 2-4 days without washing my hair! Never in my life have I been able to do that!!! #momwin

Let me share some oil facts below and benefits to my hair:

———–Moroccan/Argan Oil——-

~Has a high protein base. Over time, this will dry your hair out more, making it brittle causing more damage. They are topical oils, meaning they will NOT penetrate the scalp.
~They will eventually end up doing the exact OPPOSITE as they are claiming, drying your hair out even more.


~Made up of the purest form of eleven botanical oils; Abyssinian being one of them. Abyssinian oil has a lower protein base, giving the perfect amount of moisture.

~Gives your hair and scalp the nourishment it needs. Penetrate scalp at the CELLULAR level. Fills in and expands the hair shaft, soothes the cuticle giving you volume and shine.

***Reduces Hair Thinning***
***Adds incredible volume***
***Gives long lasting shine***

It is super concentrated so lasts FOREVER! A typical customer is 8-11 months depending on use!

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