Seasons Change… But Never These…..

Seasons Change As We Grow

Hello! I just pulled into my driveway. Seasons change and there are lessons we should learn.  I have been traveling all day and I am over it but before I get inside and start unloading my car I wanted to just share something that was in my heart with you guys. This has been in my heart and I have a few different mentors n my life and for those of you who have been following me. You know my past or you’re learning about me.

Welcome! I am Tommie Nichole! People always say to have a tagline but I don’t know. While I was driving, the words love became to me. I just wanted to love and be loved. That’s the truth and I think I like that. It might stick but I used to say that I was all about helping moms and people find purpose, passion, and potential which is true too.

2016 was a year of disasters for me

I just loved speaking into people’s lives especially after my 2016 which was a disaster in a brutal year and I’m still recovering and this is about the past. So, seasons change guys as we grow or as we don’t grow. We change. So, we basically stay into something that you love to say okay I’m just gonna use me as an example.

If you follow me, you know that I’ve been part if Beachbody for over two years now and I love it. I love Beachbody and I love what it stands for. I’m a believer in their mission and I will always be a customer no matter if I work the business hardcore if I don’t that’s just me because I’m all about fitness. Fitness started the change in me and I will forever be grateful forever.


As we grow as humans and as we work on our personal development in our mental states and our mental capacities in our physical states and our mental capabilities in our physical capacities. We change and we seek new things to keep us interested to keep us growing.

Take this you guys and really sink it into you and heart and if like you’re butting up against the ceiling or a wall, there’s a reason that it’s stopping you. It may be because you want success and money and all of those. But, I promise you it doesn’t bring you glory. It doesn’t bring you happiness and holiness.




Tommie Nichole

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