Refill Your Pretty Self With Truth!

The Truth About Your Pretty Self

Every day there’s another story about a lady eating so little or working out to the point of complete exhaustion just to be pretty. You have to see your Pretty Self. Well, for me, that is not real beauty. If everyone looked all the same, then we will be living in such a boring world. It’s your unique traits that make you beautiful. Honestly, it’s not about the skin, the height, the curves, the weight, or any of that. It’s time women get over what the mainstream media defines as beauty standards. Now is the time we see how to love yourself.

Focus on what you love.

We all have something we hate about ourselves. The point is to stop looking at what you think your flaws are. I don’t care if it means looking at your reflection for an hour in a mirror. Instead, find something you do like. Maybe it’s your neck, your hair or lips. Find as many things as you can that you find beautiful about yourself. The more you focus on these areas, the less you feel disappointed about yourself.

Embrace what makes you unique.

Cindy Crawford could have her mole removed, but she kept it anyway. Her reason? It was something that made her different. Cindy embraced it as part of her. we can follow her lead. You don’t fit into a size 12? Do you blemish? Well, who cares? It is your body and your life. You’re always going to look different than other women. Embrace what’s different and think of it as your own greatness.

Let go of what you think beauty is according to what other say.

Most women look up to Victoria Secret Models as the perfect ones. They’re slim, fit, tall, silky skin and curvaceous. Try and find a woman who looks like that in your daily life – it’s nearly impossible. We know beauty isn’t just one type of look. Everyone thinks of beauty in a different way. When you let go of the supposed norm, it’s far easier to see how beautiful you are. Beauty is what you love. It doesn’t matter how others describe it.

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